God wants us to grow into mature children. So much so that He has planted churches of all kinds in the kingdom. Each has a special mission and purpose and even a unique "style" by which it ministers. SOZO has one as well, and we think you will like it when you come to visit!

Why? Because we want to see you. We do not believe the gospel is just for some, but for all. We do not believe you have to be perfect to be here, just willing to learn and to grow. We do not believe it is our job to judge your life, you are probably doing a decent job of that already. We just want you to come and grow with US!

We all need a place to grow. A consistent weekly experience with people who care. We learn a common language. We share a common bond with the Father, and we share our gifts and passions to make our church home a place to want to come. 

We learn a common language

We share a common bond with our father

The local church is also designed to be the best place to grow a family spiritually, so we welcome you to ours and encourage you to engage with us in the growth process. Its exciting!

Get a taste below!



At the end of the day, nothing replaces the experience of hearing the main Pastors in any church. It may not make you come for the first time, but it should be why you stay. But we do not want you to come to our church blind, we want you to know what you are stepping into. Our video ministry provides a first-hand look at what our church experience is like, so you are more comfortable when you come. As a member you will also be able to review the messages and catch any you might miss. In a fast paced world, video ministry is critical.

Check out our current collection of talks, “daylight”! We hope that you are encouraged.