Here at SOZO Loveland we take pride in the amount of people that serve on a weekly basis. We believe God has called us to not only help lead people to Jesus, but to raise up disciples for his Kingdom. We believe God has called us to not only show up to church, but to serve in the church! God has given each and every one of us a specific place where we perfectly fit, based off of our gifts and we’d love to help you find where that is!

If you are interested in getting more involved here at SOZO Loveland, and want to express the gifts God has given you, be sure to click the button below to fill out a quick form to see which are you’d best fit in. If online forms aren’t really your thing, be sure to stop by the information desk when you visit next and talk to someone with a green SOZO Team badge!

SOZO Groups

Learn and grow together

A church is nothing more than a group of people trying to live their lives in a way that honors God. We are not super-people, we do not walk on water regularly, and we try our best to grow where it is needed. That is the core of any church, its people. So when it comes to small groups, we know that they are one of the best places in which to learn and grow. Sunday service or even classes are not enough for most people, and small groups give us a place to be real, live life, and share experiences together. 

The goal of small groups at SOZO, is to provide a safe place to learn, grow, and love with one another. You do not need to be perfect, just be willing to be perfected. It will not always be comfortable, but it will always be authentic. It will not always be where you want to be, but it will always be somewhere you are glad you came. Come, live life with one of our small groups. Click the button below for more details on szn one of SOZO Groups!

SUNDAY morning Bible Study


Have you ever wanted to just have a conversation about the Bible or some spiritual topics? Have you ever just had specific questions you wanted to answer? Do you ever want to share your thoughts and have a loving exchange or even a debate with others regarding what they believe? Then our Sunday Morning Bible study is for you. 

Most of us sit in church listening to the teaching and want more out of it. Sunday teaching is not support to tell you everything about a topic, but it should inspire you to want to learn more about it. It is our responsibility as Christians to dig deeper. This is one of the places where you can go deeper. 

Every Sunday morning we get to come together, discuss a topic, debate the finer points of scripture and gain greater understanding as a group. Understand that our discussions can become passionate, but it is a richer experience because we actually get to share in a more personal way, our understanding of the scripture. 


Children’s & yOUTH Ministry

No church has a future if it does not focus on making an engaging and safe place for young people. As we look at the world that we live in it is clear that we need to focus our energies on making sure they develop a firm foundation of faith. This faith foundation is a starting point that will make their journey through life that much more fruitful and productive. 

This is why we focus on:

  • Teaching from and understanding of the Bible

  • Awareness and experiencing the Spirit of God

  • Understanding of the dynamics of family and their spiritual growth within them

In the same way that we recognize GOD wants each of us to understand HIS plan for us, GOD also wants us to understand HIS blessings in our lives by way of our families. The family was God’s design and we believe it contains the secrets to spiritual growth. We do not believe it is our job to be responsible for the spiritual growth of children but to help parents in that endeavor. 

We realize that some people come back to church in order to raise their children even when they have departed from it. This is what God promises and we will continue to honor Him with a vibrant and very biblically based ministry to young people. That area of focus has a few different parts based upon providing spiritual development in an age-appropriate way. 


We do not think there is a time in a child’s life when it is too early to learn about God. In fact, we know that children sense and understand spiritual things even as babies. We care for them, comfort them, and provide a place where parents can confidently focus on their own time with God. From newborn to toddlers, any complexion, or background, we love them with the love of Christ.

Jungle House: Our Jungle House is for kids aged 5-12, and it is a dynamic and Bible-centered ministry with lots of singing, music, puppets and scripture. Our goal is not to entertain the children but to engage the children in a very real understanding of the gospel. They dance, they pray, they read, and they interact in an environment full of wonder. 


Our teens (13-18) are also very special. Their ministry times are full of worship, teaching, prayer, and outreach. The enjoy outings together and have multiple times a year where we take them on outings and events. What is the value of that? A place where a young person can not only express themselves but they can ask questions. Many times young people simply get told what to think when they need to learn to think on their own but with a biblical foundation. We want to prepare these kids for a world full of controversy and inconsistency by giving them the understanding to make good choices. They engage in the families as vital members who can have as much spiritual insight as any adult.

In summary, kids matter to us. Not just to babysit but to mature in the things of God early so their paths are straight.

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Meet the Pastors

People People

It is hard to sit in the seats of any church without having some kind of connection with the Pastors. We actually recommend that you make sure that you know who is ministering in your life. When you find pastors that are indeed people people, then that is easier to do. 

Our church is not large, and it is generally informal, so we make time for people to get to know us. We encourage you to join us when we have Coffee with the Pastors or other informal events like Movie Nights or Family Meals. That is a great way to get around our pastors and our people so you can develop a trust in their influence in your life. Check the calendar for upcoming events!

Stephen and Tara have been married for over 30 years now, have 4 children, love the Lord and people. They would be happy to meet with you and answer any questions you have for them, so do not be bashful!